My Bliss

My name is Michelle Wright and this is my mental survival tips. From living a life of competition and first places to letting my mental health decide if I was going to let myself pretend to be ok that day. I learned at a very young age that my big smile would get me out of talking about how I really felt. I chose a life of making people smile and joking because I never wanted people to feel like I felt. Growing has taught me to be a little bit of both. I had more friends than I could count when I was younger because everyone enjoyed having a friend you could talk and laugh with. One that never brought you down and was always there for you. I would bounce from house to house living with my friends. When I was old enough to leave my house I chose a quiet and lonely life. A life where I didnt need to pretend to always be happy anymore. Growing up in Sacramento, California, I went to a trade school for pharmacutical technician right out of high school and started working for a Sam’s Club that was able to transfer me where ever I wanted to go. I chose Oahu, Hawaii. Who wouldn’t? I was so impulsive, in a matter of a week I had completely moved. Told my friends I was leaving and was off. I wanted to literally be on an island that people couldn’t just show up to my home. I then moved to Lake Tahoe, Ca began to work for a ski resort. Once again in a matter of a month. I used to think I am a go getter. If I wanted things done I was going to make it happen. I now see I was just running from myself. Why I kept so many friends in my life was so I never had to focus on myself. Years later and I am finally learning who I am. The people around me have always called me an “Old Soul” a name I never understood till I let me really meet myself. I learned really quickly where ever you go there you are.